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Dihang Group New Headquarter Manufacturing Base

02. 04, 2024


DIHANG GROUP's new HQ manufacturing base has been in operation for more than one year, would you like to see what's going on? 

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to keep costs down while achieving excellent quality, in particular the new generation of accumulating roller chain powder coating lines, which operate to automotive industry standards.

1. Panels/Components are lifted from the first to the second floor for powder coating to reduce dust exposure and achieve a perfect finish. 

Dihang Group New Headquarter Manufacturing Base

2. Double conveyor inclined roller chain with 250% higher efficiency to achieve huge capacity.

DIHANG GROUP Headquarter Video

DIHANG GROUP New Headquarter Video

3. Pre-treatment with automated chemical concentration adjustment system ensures super adhesion between raw materials and powder coating.

DIHANG GROUP New Headquarter Video

4. Oven temperature and line speed controlled by full-time data monitoring systems realize exceptional powder coating performance.

DIHANG GROUP New Headquarter Video

Just click the link to watch the video and take a look around.


We look forward to working with existing and new clients to develop and expand the metal fence and railing market according to local styles and specifications. 

Welcome to send us inquiries. Thank you for your support to Dihang Group!